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#16: Gravitas for crysothemis

title: Gravitas
artist: danceswithgary (pinch hit)
for: crysothemis
request: I'd really love some kind of John-centric character piece (with or without additional characters, as you wish). It could be funny, angsty, goofy, or sexy -- it's all good. Basically, if John's in there somewhere, I'll be happy. If you'd like a more specific prompt, I'm particularly fond of images of John with his eyes closed or looking down. He could be sleeping, embarrassed, looking at something, whatever -- I just like him with his eyes downcast. In general, I enjoy different media and styles of art, but I'm not in need of icons or headers, and my taste in music is painfully idiosyncratic, so fanmixes are probably not a good fit.
medium: digital manipulation
pairing or characters: John Sheppard
rating: G
summary: John carries the complicated weight of his past.
artist’s notes: I used screencaps from 'The Lost Tribe' with a variety of fractals and clouds (my profile contains my sources which will be available after the reveal).

Please click through for full size:

Tags: submissions 2011

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