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Master list of submissions & artists - 2013

Happy New Year!

Here is the master list of contributions & artists for the 2013 SGA Art Santa!
Thank you so much to everyone who has taken part in a fabulous exchange.

#1: Lorne and Parrish, the artist, the soldier and his lover for clwilson2006 by fanarts_series
#2: Rank is no obstacle for sexycazzy by tarlanx
#3: A Collection of Wallpapers & 2 icons for leesa_perrie by angelus2hot
#4: Water nymphs for tarlanx by mella68
#5: Atlantis & Team artwork for neevebrody by leesa_perrie
#6: Art in sepia for calcitrix by raktajinos
#7: Duet for falcon_horus by mific
#8: Ides of March for antares04a by mella68
#9: All you need is love for angelus2hot by siennavie
#10: Redemption for trillingstar by velocitygrass
#11: Bantos practice for antares04a by calcitrix
#12: Ronon V Christmas for mific by clwilson2006
#13: A Typical McShep Week for siennavie by syble4
#14: It's different in Vegas for fanarts_series by sexycazzy
#15: Memories for raktajinos by falcon_horus
#16: Five stars for gblvr by trillingstar
#17: Time for velocitygrass by neevebrody
#18: Hey girl for syble4 by gblvr

If anyone hasn't had chance to thank their artist yet please do: 'tis the season & all that! *g*

Artists - please feel free to post your art elsewhere now, though a link back to the comm would be nice. :)

Wishing everyone a happy & safe 2014!
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